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Stiatti Fiori | Via Garigliano 5

52025 Montevarchi (AR)

Tel: 055.983644

E-mail : info@stiattifiori.it

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Jessica & Anthony

Palette: bianco, avorio, beige, blu

An important day in the hills of Florentine Chianti.

The small Castle of Bibbione is the background to a wedding full of fun and family.

A circle of pampas flowers frames Jessica and Anthony during their love oath.

The light tones of white and beige contrast with the solid wood tables giving elegance, gold creates brilliance, but the color cerulean gives the final touch.

This couple preferred classic flowers like calle, rose, and dahlie with a modern touch given

from the pampas.

Palette: white, ivory, beige, blue

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