Villa passerini

Hannah & Milan

We managed to create a wedding that looks like it came out of a movie! Romantic, delicate, extremely refined, and with a truly sought-after taste. Starting from the bride's bouquet, wrapped in a large blue ribbon and made up of white roses that shine in all their elegance, masterfully enhancing the bride's lace dress. And here we are, like in a movie, at the emotional moment of the ceremony in the garden of the villa, where the couple holds hands in front of the guests, under the imposing centuries-old plane tree, where nature, in all its grace, provides the perfect frame. Touches of vibrant yellow like energetic brushstrokes appear in the lemons that decorate vases and baskets in the corner created as a tableau mariage. As night falls, during the reception, the candles are lit, creating a soft light and a special atmosphere with the warmth of their flames. The kilometer-long imperial table stands in front of the entrance of the villa, in all its elegant majesty, adorned with candles and white floral arrangements, extremely chic. The joy of living, loving, and being together, sharing such a special moment with the most important people, surrounded by endless beauty.

Wedding planner; Sposiamovi

Venue ; Villa Passerini

Photo;David Bastianoni

Catering; Tonino da Cortona

Music and Lights; Alma project 

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